Arthur Banton, Ph.D. Historian ● Educator ● Artist ● Mentor
Arthur Banton, Ph.D.Historian ● Educator ● Artist ● Mentor  
©Pauline Loarden

What students are saying:


“Professor Banton I want to thank you for being a great instructor this semester; I truly enjoyed your class and feel like I have learned a lot.”

 - Amanda, Honor Student,

College of Health and Human Sciences



“Your passion about the subjects really showed through and kept me interested in everything you were saying. Also I loved the use of modern ads and music videos to further your points.”

“I would love to take a class with you!”

“You’re a great speaker and know how to grab and keep our attention. Thank you!”



In my instruction, I have two primary objectives; first, to help students develop the skills to think critically about the machinations of social structures and constructions of community, both historically and in contemporary context. Secondly, is to create a space where students can develop their own voice, achieve academic success, and to ultimately reach their professional goals. My instruction is driven by commitments to student-centered learning, student development of transferable skills, and to diversity and inclusion within the classroom.


We live in an increasingly visual culture and I try to incorporate strong visual cues in my instruction. With that said, I constantly try to improve my instruction by understanding my students needs and preferences, without sacrificing detailed analytical coverage of challenging topics and scholarly content.