Arthur S. Banton, Ph.D. Historian ● Educator ● Mentor
Arthur S. Banton, Ph.D.Historian ● Educator ● Mentor   

"Use a picture. It's worth a thousand words."

                                                      - Arthur Brisbane

                                                         Newspaper editor and publisher

Images have become an essential element in marketing and branding identities.  These images not only capture moments in history but reveal a truth that reflects and extends beyond that event. These images are reflections of my current research project which examines postwar New York City urban youth culture.

Culture in Motion


Below is a news segment that demonstrates how urban fashion and culture (driven largely by racial minorities) are influencing Parisian culture.

Renowned historian, Lawrence Levine (1933-2006), a champion for multicultural perspectives on history from the ground up, reflects on his interaction and response to criticism of the contemporary University.


In support of Lawrence Levine and his efforts to champion diverse perspectives in history from the ground up, I have created a hashtag to spread awareness of documenting one's history and seizing control of their legacy. Please encourage everyone you know to write  biographies, keep journals, document important moments and create digital lockboxes so that your legacy can be preserved and represented in your own words and shared with future generations. Everyone has a history and amazing stories to tell. History should be told from the bottom up. Document yours now! #seemyhistory.


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Dr. Arthur Banton is currently an Assistant Professor of History at Tennessee Technological University.


He has taught courses in History, American Studies, and African American Studies departments; including: U.S. History: Discovery to Reconstruction (1492-1877) , U.S. History Since 1865, African American History, American Youth Culture, African American Popular Culture, and African American Cinema.


Dr. Banton received his Doctorate in American Studies with a focus in 19th and 20th Century U.S. History. He received his Master’s in History and his Master’s in Media Arts from the City College of New York. Precedently, he received his Bachelor of Science from Herbert H. Lehman College.   




From the cornfield blog:

Actress Zoe Saldana has been criticized  for her portrayal of the late soul singer Nina Simone. 

Click here to find out why.

From the consumer files:

What impact does shopping on the internet have on mall and urban youth culture? Check out this report from NPR.

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